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Seattle Slack Key Festival, Oct. 16

27 Sep

Cyril Pahinui saw our post about the Live Aloha Festival earlier this month and asked us to put in a plug for the upcoming Seattle Slack Key Festival on October 16th.  We are stoked that he saw our post and we are very happy to help spread the news of the upcoming Festival.  http://www.seattleslackkeyfestival.com/

The 2nd Annual Seattle Slack Key Festival will be held October 16 from 2-6pm at the Town Hall Theater located at 1119 8th Ave.  http://www.townhallseattle.org/

Performers include: Cyril Pahinui, Jeff Peterson, Kamuela Kimokeo, Kalehua Krug, Blake Leoiki-Haili, George Kuo and Sonny Lim, along with steel guitarist Greg Sardinha and ukulele prodigy Kunai Pahinui-Galdeira.  Special guiest guitarist/harp guitarist Muriel Anderson, emcees Skylark Rossetti and Braddah Gomes and local hula halau add to this fantastic line-up.  You can buy tickets at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/124113

Hope to see you there!


Seattle Live Aloha Festival 2010!

17 Sep

On Sunday, September 12th we ventured down to the Seattle Center for a welcome slice of the islands.  We attended the third annual Live Aloha Festival in the shadow of the Space Needle.  Luckily all the aloha spirit in the air brought with it a big burst of sunshine.  Of course, it still would have been fun in the rain but our blood’s gotten a little thin after living in Hawai’i and I’m sure cool weather lowers the festival’s attendance.

Luckily there was a talented array of Hawaiian musicians, dancers, and vendors keeping the spirits high all afternoon!


They were also showing Hawai’i focused documentaries all afternoon, including “Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai’i”.  This is a super powerful film and we were lucky enough to have seen the world premiere at the 2008 Hawai’i International Film Festival.  Watch this film and you will never think of Hawai’i in the same way again!


Halfway through the festival we took a detour to Seattle’s waterfront, explored the Olympic Sculpture Garden, and watched a sea gull almost collide with a harbor seal!  We had been watching the harbor seal swimming around and poking its head out of the water for a couple minutes.  Then next time the seal came up for air a sea gull happened to be simultaneously swooping across the water leading to a near harbor seal/sea gull collision.  The seal reared its head up out of the water in shock, the sea gull took extreme evasive maneuvers, and the harbor seal let out several angry “ARF, ARF, AAAARFs!!!!” before swimming away in a hurry.  Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

We returned to the Seattle Center just in time to watch Grammy Nominated slack key guitarist Cyril Pahinui play a set as the sun was going down and the temperature was getting cooler.


Here’s a couple of videos we took of his performance:

Overall we had a great time and can’t wait to attend the 2011 festival…that is if we haven’t succumb to our intermittent desire to move back to Hawai’i.  We love Seattle but attending events like this makes it difficult to not consider moving back to the islands for all the good food, music, and people.  We miss you all!!

Like the good Northwest transplants we are, we closed the day’s festivities with a visit to a brewery we had never been to: Naked City Brewery in Greenwood.  They have great beers, happy hour all day on Sundays, and a low key atmosphere.  Check it out.


Until next time…Live Aloha!