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September 29 is National Coffee Day!!

29 Sep

It is kind of funny that today is National Coffee Day because today is the day we decided to try to dial back our coffee consumption.  We didn’t even know it was National Coffee Day until turning on the computer and scanning the morning headlines.  It may seem like an impossibility to cut down our coffee consumption in a coffee crazy town like Seattle but we’re giving it a shot.  But don’t worry, we’re not giving up on coffee.  We love coffee!  Viva cafe!  Besides, it would be sacrilegious to give up coffee on National Coffee Day so please don’t report us to the caffeine gestapo!  We’re just going to try to brew a couple less cups of coffee a day–just enough so that we are sufficiently buzzed without having our heads about to pop off.

Amy Rolph from the Seattle PI also has some opinions about the day: