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Concert in the rain

26 Aug

On August 7 we ventured over to Marymoor Park in Redmond to see our very favorite performer–Michael Franti.  It was our first time at Marymoor Park but according to their website, it is the most popular park in King County with over 3 million visitors per year.  It’s on Lake Sammamish and offers an “off leash pet garden,” concerts, movies, bike rentals, a reflexology path, a community garden, fields galore, and a velodrome (I had to look that one up).

The concert was great even though it was the first day it rained since we moved here.  Everyone was bundled up in their cozy hoodies and raingear (a site straight out of a REI catalog), drinking their delicious NW beer (they probably had seven local microbrews on tap), dancing, and having an all-around great time.  It was a typical NW concert and we had a blast!

This was our third Franti concert and what we noticed the most about this one was the diverse crowd.  There were entire families and fans of all ages.  And more folks in their 50s and 60s than we’ve ever seen at a show.  We think that says a lot about their music and positive message.  If you haven’t already checked out Michael Franti & Spearhead, we suggest you do!

One thing not unpredictable: when we pulled into the parking lot at Marymoor Park, it was full of Subaru’s and Zipcars.  We drove in a Zipcar too, but we’ll talk about that in another post.

At the end of the show he called all the kids to come up.  There were a bunch of them and I noticed they weren’t coerced into coming up; they mostly did so on their own.  Up on stage they danced around.  Good times!


Kayaking Lake Union

26 Aug

Our first visitors in Seattle were Xavier and Tonia, so we took them kayaking.   We rented our kayaks from Agua Verde on the campus of UW.  They have a really great set up–super easy and convenient.  We paddled from Portage Bay (the area in between Lake Washington and Lake Union) to Lake Union.  A very urban kayaking experience, but truly unique.  It was  a beautiful day and about as hot as it gets in Seattle.

After a good paddle, nothing tastes better than a margarita and Mexican grindz at the Agua Verde Cafe.  They have a patio on the water if you are lucky to get there before the rush, a fun atmosphere, and reasonably priced treats.  We especially liked the vegetarian options as they came with sweet potatoes.  Next time we’ll try to get there during Happy Hour (M-Th 4-6pm) so we can enjoy $4.75 margaritas!  Check them out if you get a chance:


17 Aug

There is nothing like a sonic boom to wake you up in the middle of the day!  Earlier today as Obama left Seattle on Air Force One a float plane from Lake Chelan (eastern Cascades) unwittingly flew into the presidential air space.  F-15s were scrambled from Portland and the result was a sonic boom that scared the crap out of most people living around Puget Sound.  Nobody likes to hear explosions when the Prez is in town!

Goodbye Leilani Lanes

16 Aug

Since moving back to the Northwest from Honolulu one of our hobbies at Dakine Cascadia is to make note of all the Hawai’i-themed businesses we find on the continent.  Yesterday our friend Jonny took us to beautiful Carkeek Park in North Seattle.  On the way to the park we passed a colorful sign for Leilani Lanes and Lani Kai Restaurant.  Unfortunately the bowling alley is now an empty lot and the sign stands alone, simply announcing “Goodbye”.

We started wondering if there was a rise in Hawai’i-themed businesses following Hawai’i statehood in 1959.  True to this theory we discovered that Leilani Lanes was established in the Greenwood neighborhood in 1961 and didn’t shut its doors until 2006.  While there are certainly many reasons why the bowling alley may have closed its doors (rising costs, changing demographics, etc) we wonder if a similar bowling alley built today would incorporate a Hawaiian theme or this was due primarily to an increased awareness of the islands in the 1960s.

Unfortunately, we moved to Seattle a few years too late to experience Leilani Lanes but cheers to all who made it there before it shut down.  We will continue to keep our eyes peeled for more Hawai’i themed businesses–a decision that will certainly plunge us deeper into the depths of tropical kitsch.  Stay tuned…

Welcome to Dakine Cascadia!

15 Aug

Aloha from the Center of the Universe!  We are creating this blog as a way to update our friends and family on what we are up to in our new city of Seattle.  This blog will also help us record some of our adventures in the Northwest so that in 500 years digital historians can uncover the storied archives of Dakine Cascadia and analyze the awesomeness of our various silly exploits 🙂  We named this blog Dakine Cascadia to reflect the time we lived in Hawai’i combined with the new eclectic adventures we will take in “The Republic of Cascadia.”

We moved back to the Western Washington after five years living in Honolulu.  In the time we were gone it began to seem like our previous experiences in the Northwest were almost from a past life.  By the time we left Hawai’i it very much felt like home and so in some ways we feel like we are having to rediscover Washington for ourselves.  Now the Northwest feels new and familiar at the same time.  This move is the start of a new adventure and we are having a great time.

We moved to the Fremont neighborhood which is alternately known as “The Center of the Universe.”  While other cities/neighborhoods on Earth may also claim this status, the Center of the Universe is most certainly in Fremont since there is even a sign proclaiming it to be so:

We are still getting settled into our neighborhood but feel lucky to be in an area where there are so many cafes, breweries, and parks (“these are a few of my favorite things…”).  There are five breweries within two miles of our apartment alone!  Hot coffee has (predictably) become a bigger part of our life here, especially on some of the cool cloudy mornings we’ve been experiencing.  Surely, many of our future blog posts will emerge from the corners of various local cafes.  There are a ton of great parks within biking distance and we’ve already made several trips to Gas Works Park and Green Lake Park.  Located on a former industrial site on Lake Union, on a sunny day nothing beats the iconic view of downtown Seattle, Lake Union, and the Space Needle from Gas Works Park.

Sailboat on Lake Union

Remains of gasification plant at Gas Works Park

Sunset at Gas Works Park

Although we miss all of our friends in Hawaii, Wisconsin, and across the planet we are very happy to be exploring Seattle.  Please check in with this blog to see what we’ve been up to, drop us a line, and book your spot on our new couch!  When you visit we’ll even take you on a visit to our new neighborhood friend, The Fremont Troll.

Much love from Seattle,